Aia Design Services Agreement

AIA Contract Documents are standard form contracts widely used in the construction industry to support construction and planning projects. The latest addition to Documents on Demand includes Series A documents for owners/contractors and Series B for owners/architects. A total of 41 agreements and forms are now included in on-demand documents, which are specifically suitable for contractors and three for subcontractors. AIA Contract Documents are standard form contracts widely used in the construction industry to support construction and planning projects. AIA Documents on Demand is a popular, inexpensive web service that allows PC and MAC users to access the latest AIA contract documents anytime and anywhere with internet access and a printer, fill them in and print them electronically. Last year, more than 35,000 documents were uploaded to on-demand documents. „Since the launch of Documents on Demand in 2009, the service has proven incredibly popular and user-friendly thanks to its ease and flexibility,” says Molly Lindblom, Managing Director of AIA Contract Documents. „On-demand documents are continually updated with the latest documents to meet the evolving requirements of design and construction professionals.” E202-2008, Building Information Modeling Protocol Exhibit G742C-2015, Application and Certificate for Payment for a Design-Build Project, Contractor Variation . Printable list of all current AIA contract documents in series with description .

. . . C102-2015, standard form of the team agreement between the team leader and the team member to meet a promotion and project objective. . C203-2017 (formerly B211-2007), standard form of the consulting service: commissioning . . B102-2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect without a Predefined Scope of Architect`s Services C204-2020, Standard Form of Consultant`s Services: Sustainable Project Services . .

. C201-2015 (formerly G601-1994), Consultant`s Services, Land Survey G706-1994, Contractor`s Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims C101-2018, Joint Venture Agreement for Professional Services . G701S-2017, Change Order, Contractor-Subcontractor Variation B252-2019, Standard Form of Architect`s Services: Interior Design and Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment (FF-D) Design Services B107-2020, Standard Form of Agreement between Developer-Builder and Architect for Prototype (s) for a One or Two Family Residential Project with Limited Architectural Services D101-1995, Methods of Calculating Areas and Volumes of Buildings B108-2009 (formerly B181-1994), Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and for Architect a Federally Funded or Federally Ined Project . A503-2007 (formerly A511-1999), Guide for Supplementary Conditions A151-2019, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Vendor for Furniture, Furniture, and Equipment (FF-E) . . „Documents on Demand is an optimized portal that helps my company access the most important documents we need from AIA Contract Documents,” said Shawn Brothers, Contractor at Cronin Construction, Inc. „And documents are incredibly easy to use once they`ve been purchased and downloaded.” E234-2019, Exhibition For Sustainable Projects, Site Manager as Builder G744-2014, Certificate of Substantial Completion for a Design-Build Project .


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