Huawei Service Level Agreement

This feature allows you to measure the quality of the SLA service without creating a task. The unavailability of the service means that incoming and outgoing calls are not accessible for five minutes or more. Unavailability information is printed in Customer Service System (CSS) protocols. Downtime of less than five minutes is not calculated. Huawei`s customer support department offers technical support services for devices and solutions that will help you ensure efficient, reliable and secure communication and support your business success. If we do not fulfill the aforementioned obligation of obsency service availability rate, Huawei Cloud will provide you with the following service credit according to different storage classes in different AZ distributions: „Service Availability” means, during a service cycle, the percentage of available service per service cycle obtained by the cloud service in that SLA. By default, SLA Manager offers 24 services. You can also tailor the services to your specific needs. SLA Manager offers the dashboard of global monitoring of SLA tasks and allows you to quickly learn the quality of all or some services on the live network. On the View SLA page, you can configure a view that consists of multiple tasks, allowing you to compare task data.

Rapid diagnostics helps you quickly diagnose connections and services transferred between source devices and target devices and make it easier to locate network errors. If you have a large increase in CDN bandwidth usage (more or equal to 30% of the bandwidth billed for the last month), you must submit a service ticket to notify us at least three (3) business days in advance. Otherwise, HUAWEI CLOUD is not responsible for the resulting unavailability of the service. If we fail to comply with the GeminiDB single instance service availability requirement mentioned above, Huawei Cloud will provide you with the following service credit. The amount of compensation will only be used for the purchase of equivalent coupons from GeminiDB. Under no circumstances should the total balance of monthly benefits exceed the service fee you paid during the current month. The SLA retrieves returned test case values using the NQA protocol provided on network devices and provides 10 types of test cases based on specific service and network requirements. This can implement very short and frequent on-demand testing and thus help locate errors quickly. The service significantly reduces the problems associated with complex operations and maintenance issues and allows users to focus on what they do best: their core business….


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