Learning Agreement Erasmus Doc

The learning agreement should include all the learning outcomes that the student needs to acquire during the exchange. There are standardized templates for studies and internships. For Erasmus+ research, you need these standard templates (depending on your Erasmus+ support). For research outside the Erasmus programme, you can use one of these templates or an agreement referring to research activities and the approval of three parties. The apprenticeship agreement is an essential document for the recognition of a study stay abroad. It is an agreement between the student, the sending institution and the institution, organization or company that receives. The purpose of the learning agreement is to prepare exchanges in a transparent and efficient manner to ensure that you are recognized for activities successfully completed abroad. As far as student mobility for studies is concerned, the Learning Agreement includes study abroad and courses that will be replaced in your home studies if the studies abroad are successfully completed. For traineeships and research, the apprenticeship agreement concerns training or research activities. The Learning Agreement defines the program of studies or internships to be carried out abroad and must be approved by the student, institution or organization or company before the start of the exchanges.

As regards the mobility of students to traineeships, the apprenticeship agreement should define how the traineeship is recognised, depending on whether it is taken into account in the student`s diploma, whether it is carried out on a voluntary basis (not mandatory for the diploma) or whether it is carried out by a new graduate. For more information, see the following guidelines.


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