Schwab One Brokerage Account Agreement

You are responsible for all charges, costs, commissions and losses resulting from all steps we must take to liquidate or close transactions in your Schwab® One account or for your failure to deliver securities in a timely manner. If you know or suspect that you have received overpayment of funds or securities, or if you know or assume that Schwab has not yet collected a fee from your account, you agree to notify Schwab in writing as soon as you learn about overpayment or un recovered fees. You also agree not to withdraw overpayment of funds or securities or un recovered fees from your account, or to return to Schwab all overpayment or un recovered expenses if they have already been withdrawn from your account. You agree to the obligation to return to Schwab the total amount of the overpayment or un collected tax, notwithstanding the contrary oral statements of a Schwab representative. If you do not, you are liable to Schwab not only because of the amount of overpayment or un recovered expenses, but also because of interest and expenses related to recovery. Schwab is not required to inform you of the impending expiry or settlement dates or to take any further action on your behalf without specific instructions from you. However, if a voluntary business action takes place, becomes worthless or is cashed in for a much less than fair value amount and if you have not given instructions to Schwab, we may, at our sole discretion, act on your behalf and be credited with all products on your account. Schwab is not required to act on your behalf and you accept that Schwab is not liable for losses related to the conduct of rights related to your inaction or inaction or instruction to Schwab to act on your behalf. We may transfer securities and other assets from any non-retired brokerage account to which you have an interest in any other non-retired brokerage account in which you participate, whether there are other account holders on one of the two accounts to satisfy the defects of such an account, or if we feel that your liabilities in such an account are not sufficiently guaranteed. You are responsible for the confidentiality and use of your (s) number (s), access word (s) and (s) account ( You agree not to hold Schwab responsible for any damage resulting from your decision to pass on your access number, password or account number to third parties, including, but not exclusively, companies that aggregate account information or website content. as an agent, agent or investment advisor. If you inform Schwab or if Schwab has reason to believe that the security of your account password may or has been compromised, we have the right to terminate your use of electronic services.


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