Shared Driveway Maintenance Agreement Form

c. Any owner by lot releases any other loss, damage or liability resulting from the exercise of the rights granted; d. Each owner of the land is responsible for 50% [or 33 1/3% for three lots] of the costs of maintaining the common driveway, including, but not limited to, road surface maintenance and snow removal. Sodium chloride is prohibited. Calcium chloride should be used for shared driveway removal. Between the City of Boxford and the landowners, the landowners assume 100% joint and several liability for the maintenance and repair of the common driveway. Stone pollers should be used to mark and maintain shared Driveway; e. No owner may use the common aisle in such a way that the use of the common aisle by other persons entitled to do so is hindered, prohibited or unduly compromised or interrupted; and 2.) The Licensor accepts for itself, for its heirs/successors and its transferee beneficiaries and for those who assert by or between them the following agreements, which are imposed in favour of the City of Boxford and which are managed and implemented by their ZoningBoard of Appeals, taking into account the granting by the City of a special authorisation in accordance with the Boxford Zoning By-Law, Article V, § 196-13 (B) (11) (11) (l) and in the subsequent amended version of the Codeof the Town of Boxford, and for additional consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are recognised, as follows: a. The common driveway shall be constructed in accordance with the special authorisation granted by the Boxford Zoning Board of Appeals and shall be used in accordance with Article V, paragraph 196-13 (B) (11) (11) and the subsequent amended version of the Code of the Town of Boxford; b. The City of Boxford is not responsible for the maintenance of the SharedDriveway and there must be no ploughing of the shared track or garbage collection throughout the City of Boxford. Between the Town of Boxford and the lot owners, the landowners assume overall responsibility for the maintenance and forfeiture of the 100% common driveway; c. Landowners must never request the City of Boxford to maintain or plough the shared driveway, as the intention of the Licensor and the City of Boxford is that the SharedDriveway be a private service and that it will never be considered or accepted as a public or private highway for the public; d. This Agreement shall be mentioned by a book and a page/document number in each contract of assignment or other instrument of transmission of one or all of the lots listed in the plan; e.

________(„Plan”). [ Please note that the zoning regulations, article V, article 196-13 (B) (11) (11) (l) allows up to three lots to share an access ramp, which should, if necessary, modify this agreement] 1.) The Licensor commits and binds for itself, its heirs/successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment, in the event of a transfer or transfer of land or in bulk for the benefit of each lot, individually and collectively, the permanent right and easement to use, with the owners of one or more of the lots described above („lot owners”) the area designated in the „Shared Drive” plan, respectively…


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