Study Loan Agreement Between Employer And Employee

☐ Credit is secured by guarantees. The borrower agrees that, until full payment of the loan, the loan will be granted by _____ ______Les payments from [AGENCY] under this service agreement do not relieve you of your responsibility and/or liability for the loans, for which you are liable, since [AGENCY] is not the fictitious lender/holder t for its commitment to you. You remain responsible for the entire credit, including all amounts not paid by [the AGENCY] and any deferred charges related to the date of [the AGENCY`s] credit payments. In addition, you are also responsible for any tax liabilities arising from loan services made in accordance with this Agreement. If you become aware that you [AGENCY] are in debt, you have the right to have a request for waiver of any debt you may have under this service contract, based on evidence that the collection of such debts by [AGENCY] would be totally or partially contrary to fairness and good conscience or the public interest. The filing of such a request for waiver shall not put an end to the operation of [the AGENCY`s] recovery procedures. The application must be submitted to the Chief Financial Officer of your current or former [AGENCY COMPONENT] who made the loans. However, if you are assigned to a transaction other than the management-managed transaction, the winning [agency component] assumes full responsibility for that agreement. If this service agreement is for a student loan for the courses you will take during your employment at [AGENCY], you must maintain at all times an average (GPA) of (no) during this service agreement. In the event that the GPA falls under the number (no), [the AGENCY] will decide whether future payments should be cancelled.



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