Underwriting Agreement Form

(b) if Rule 430B, point h), requires it under the act to establish a form of prospectus that you have approved and to present this form of prospectus in accordance with Rule 424 (b), in accordance with the law, at the latest under Rule 424 (b), in accordance with the law; and not to change or complete this form of prospectus, which you refuse immediately after an appropriate announcement; (b) the price package from: AP.M. the , 20 (which you have communicated to us is a period before the date of the first sale of the shares by an underwriter) when it is considered, with statements under the descriptive title of the preferred shares and description of the custodian shares, and the information contained in the table on the front of the , the prospectus supplement contained any false statements about a substantial fact or omitted, to indicate the essential facts necessary not to mislead the statements contained in it, given the circumstances in which they were made, or the purpose of the insurance agreement is to ensure that all actors understand their responsibility in the process , which minimizes potential conflicts. The underwriting contract is also called a subcontract. if the provision of a prospectus (or failure to disclose under Rule 173 (a) is required at any time before the expiry of the nine-month period following the completion of the prospectus in connection with the offer or sale of the shares (or in the case of Goldman, Sachs and Co.). , in connection with secondary market transactions during the period of secondary activity, before or after the expiry) and if, on that date, an event would have taken place, under which the prospectus, as amended or completed at the time, would include or be omitted from a false statement on an essential fact, in order to indicate the essential facts necessary for the relevant statement. , given the circumstances in which they were established, where such a prospectus (or, instead of the prospectus covered by Rule 173, (a) of the Act), is not deceptively served or, for some other reason, it is necessary to amend or complete the prospectus or, in accordance with the stock market law, to present any document included in the prospectus to comply with the law or stock market law. , to comply with the law or stock market law. , to inform you and, at your request, and to provide each insurer and any securities merchant with as many written and electronic copies as possible, from time to time, with an amended prospectus or prospectus supplement that corrects or results in such an observation; and, in the event that an underwriter is required to provide a prospectus (or, instead of the one covered by Rule 173, point (a) under the Act), in connection with the sale of one of the shares at any time or more after the issuance of the prospectus at your request, but at the expense of that article, in order to provide as many written and electronic copies as possible of an amended or completed prospectus. , complies with Section 10 (a) (3) of the Act (it goes without saying that the above clause applies to Goldman, Sachs and Co.


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